CD REVIEWS: Every Grain of Sand

Top Ten Jazz Albums Of The Year in The Sunday Times, The Telegraph and The Washington Paper.

The Observer On Sunday March 2002
Her instrument is shockingly expressive, with an astonishing palette of colours, and thats before she gets down to the business of interpretation. Singing Dylan's eloquent short stories she flashes between crooning tenderness on "If Not For You" to full blooded lament on "Don't Think Twice It's Al Right". She can sound as husky and cracked as Judy Dench and like her, she understands characterisation. Jungr repeatedly reawakens detailed emotion lying dormant in lyrics. I just hope that Dylan himself has a listen and starts writing for her direct. (David Benedict)

MOJO, May 2002
Jungr approaches the Dylan songbook with a rare degree of intelligence, relishing each line in the manner of a true chansonnier. The kind of voice that many more should get around to hearing. (Fred Dellar)

The Times March 2002
Jungr's collection, "Every Grain Of Sand" comes as a quiet revelation....her sensual performance casts the songs in a fresh light. (Clive Davis)

The Telegraph April 2002
There is a faint hint of Lotte Lenya meets Bob Dylan... on this odd, but refreshing and strangely touching album. (Martin Gayford)

All About, USA September 2002
A highly personal style that suggests a contemporary amalgam of Peggy Lee and Nina Simone. Like both women, Jungr often moves around the circumference of jazz although she can and does sing straight ahead jazz. Jungr does exquisite justice to lyrics singing them in a voice that seems capable of expressing every gradation of feeling. (Mathew Bahl)

All Music Guide, USA, September 2002
Part of the sublime beauty of Every Grain of Sand is that it inspires, even challenges, one to make personal revisions and reinterpretations. Ultimately, Jungr is one of the few artists who has managed to not only come out on the other side of this songbook unscathed but to actually come out having enhanced its gravity, significance, and unvarnished beauty, as well as her own. She is not merely singing, but telling stories. She opens up a window of vulnerability and sensuality that previously sat stoic beneath the surface of these songs, and suffuses them with such a delicate, gauzy luminosity that they seem to glow from the inside out. Her singing is soulful and emotionally naked, and the performances so expressive that you take something new away with each listen. (Stanton Swihart)

Folk Roots, July '02
Barb Jungr has grown into one of this country's finest interpreters of contemporary song , judging by her "Chanson The Space In Between" (2000) and "Every Grain Of Sand" (2002). (Ken Hunt)