CD REVIEWS: Chanson: The Space In Between

Top Ten Jazz Albums of the Year in The Sunday Times

The Times June 2001
At home with pop and blues as well as jazz, the immaculate Barb Jungr has won a well deserved reputation as Britain's answer to Juliette Greco and Serge Gainsbourg. (Clive Davis)

Record Buyer and Music Collector 2000
Possessing nothing as dull as orthodox English Piaf is just what the world needs. (Alan Clayson)

G Scene Magazine August 2000
Barb's interpretation of Brel's Marieke is so beautiful and haunting it's hard not to fall instantly in love with it (Michael Hootman)

The Singer, October cover feature. 2000
Barb Jungr has found her niche, she is superb (Sandra Lawrence)

Culture Wars, 2000
The transmission of sincerity through music is one of the most intangible and difficult challenges a singer can undertake. Jungr, it must be said, rises to the occasion magnificently. Jungr's album is a wonderful thing. (Sandy Star)