Shelter From The Storm – Songs Of Hope For Troubled Times

Featuring Laurence Hobgood

Linn Records - AKD 530
Release Date: 19 February 2016

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1. Bali Hai (Rogers and Hammerstein)
2. Stars Lazy But Shining (Barb Jungr and Laurence Hobgood)
3. Shelter from The Storm (Bob Dylan)
4. Sisters of Mercy (Leonard Cohen)
5. Venus Rising (Barb Jungr and Laurence Hobgood)
6. Something's Coming (Sondheim and Bernstein)
7. Woodstock (Joni Mitchell)
8. Hymn To Nina (Barb Jungr and Laurence Hobgood)
9. All Along the Watchtower/In Your Eyes (Bob Dylan and Peter Gabriel)
10. Life on Mars (David Bowie)

On the Linn download there are 2 Bonus tracks:

Long Walk Home - Bruce Springsteen
What the World Needs Now - Bacharach and David

Vocals Barb Jungr
Piano and keyboards Laurence Hobgood
Bass Michael Olatuja
Percussion Wilson Torres
Whistling Laurence Hobgood

Arrangements Laurence Hobgood

Produced by Calum Malcolm, Laurence Hobgood and Barb Jungr

Recorded at Sear Sound Studios, New York by Calum Malcolm and Ted Tuthill with assistance from Ryan Schindler

Mixed at Calum Malcolm’s

Photography fromt and back Steve Ullathorne

Booklet notes

While driving down some motorway last year I realised I wanted to make an album in New York. I wanted to work with US jazz musicians, tap into a different water and sing a different song. It was a dream. I was on a motorway somewhere towards the fens. So, when I shared it with Philip and Kim of Linn Records and they said: "Why not?" and "Let’s do it!" a ball started rolling and I had to learn to balance on top of it – and fast – because when I shared all of that with my US manager Gail Boyd, she said: “Why not do it with Laurence Hobgood?” And I said: "Wow! Are you kidding me? That man's fabulous." Then she brought Laurence Hobgood to see me perform in NY and when we chatted after the show, he appreciated what I was doing and said lovely things, and I thought he was the bees’ knees. So we started hanging out, and drank a lot of coffee, and wrote some things, and suddenly we were in a glorious joyful collaboration and the ball had become a transatlantic magic carpet! And here it is.

The upshot of all of that: this recording. Along with the trio, I'm inordinately happy to have found another Englishman in New York, Michael Olatuja who is on bass, and to round off the transatlantic seesaw, another American, the wonderful Wilson Torres who is on percussion.

We recorded in Sear Sound, up there in midtown, on a hot and humid weekend in early July, when it was SO hot that the local Starbucks ran out of ice! And it was hot inside that studio too - but in a good way. So the tracks were laid down and then, in London, the wonderful photographer Steve Ullathorne and I made a trip to a secret park to make the photographs, and Greg had been along at the recording session and he'd clicked us in situ in all of that. And the songs? Well, this material is all about hope – and dreams – we need so much more of them now. What the World Needs Now is Love, and Shelter From the Storm, and some Sisters of Mercy – the memory of what might have been with Woodstock – plus our own songs, which we're continuing to add to, over the coming year.

So come with us. Come ride our camel toward the oasis. I hope you'll enjoy the journey, and come hear it live, and leave smelling the grass, hearing the sea, feeling the warm breeze on your face, and whether your feet be in the gutter, or not, seeing the stars. (Barb Jungr September 2015)


For what is now my 9th recording for Linn, and my 20th (and more) over the years, I'd like to offer my whole heart and soul in thanks to everyone involved in the making and recording of this album; to my family and friends, to all the people I work with daily on both sides of the Atlantic and everywhere else and to everyone who has ever supported my work. And to all the musicians, artists, managers, agents, promoters and friends who've ever worked with me on any of it ever, anywhere. You are all wonderful, and I will never be able to thank you all enough. Onwards....And upwards!

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